Our Key Objectives

We Envision.

Talent as a business strategy.

We Engage.

In the entire employee life cycle.

We Validate.

With training and technology.

With the right people everything is better!

Talent Suite is a Texas based company that empowers organizations to achieve their potential through people using proven and validated methodology and data analytics. 

By bringing objectivity to a subjective process, we equip our clients with the ability to align, measure, and design optimal human capital performance for selecting and managing talent.

We provide turnkey solutions and processes for our clients that add more structure and scientifically validated, sustainable methodology when selecting and managing talent either through our retained search practice or through our partnership with Predictive Index.

Born out of frustration and the need for a better way of solving people problems, we created Talent Suite with a mission to help organizations build more productive workplaces.  Whether getting the right people in the right seats, reducing operational friction while improving honest, direct communication or identifying and coaching-up your high potentials, we focus on the talent optimization part of your business strategy.

Using data, brain science and lots of experience we can diagnose your people issues and help you align, engage, develop and retain talent by bringing objectivity to a subjective process.

Our Guarantee!

Our solutions provide the key to reduced employee costs and increased productivity
that far exceed our fees.

Our Core Values