Find & Retain Top Talent

Executive Retained Search

By collecting and sharing data with our clients, we have become market experts understanding the landscape for executive level talent.  Combined with a deep industry and functional knowledge, a proven executive search and assessment process helps us find leaders that best fit your organization’s unique needs and create a lasting impact. 

We engage with our clients to understand their business purpose, their values, their culture, their competitive landscape, their challenges, and most importantly their people.

Our search process not only yields the best leader, it empowers our clients to improve their hiring processes.

Utilizing the Predictive Index and the Talent Suite methodologies provides a comprehensive customized process for hiring the right people for the right positions, reducing the costly risk of a bad hire.  

Committed to high-touch client communication means you are always informed.  From start to finish, our process and people are aligned to deliver the right candidate at the right time, providing our clients both competitive advantage and speed to market.

With These Solutions In Place,
You Won’t Have To Worry About:

  1. Finding game-changing leaders that can hit the ground running.
  2. Identifying leaders that fit a unique culture and shared values.
  3. Having executive level experience in recruiting.
  4. Keeping a search confidential for as long as possible.
  5. Developing an interview process rooted in objectivity.

Our Search Process

Week 1 | Create Search Strategy

Through a customized search approach, based on your requirements, your cultural environment and your business needs, we seek to understand your organization and culture, the scope of the position, the ideal attributes of the successful candidate and the critical success factors to be measured against in the short and long term for this position.  

Our tailor-made research strategy & process helps us to develop a position description, define key competencies as well as ideal criteria.  These serve as the measure by which we evaluate potential candidates.  The process seeks the “perfect fit” by a consultative approach to create a customized and comprehensive plan to identify, recruit, and attract qualified candidates, discussing resources, geographic range, compensation level, and how your opportunity will be presented in the marketplace.  

We then craft a compelling story, “The Pitch”, through further understanding of the company, people and your need.  This allows us to position your opportunity to the appropriate candidate audience in the most appealing way possible in such a competitive landscape.

Weeks 2-4 | Research, Identify and Calibrate

Using the comprehensive understanding we have of the position, we execute an exhaustive search to create an all-inclusive list of potential candidates. Our research is conducted internally – never outsourced – to ensure accurate, ongoing, intelligent information. We also identify new organizations and passive candidates to recruit and develop a database of specifically targeted individuals.  

We present “The Pitch” to these candidates, including details regarding the company, the people, the need and the impact the position can have on the organization.  Then we determine their interest level and obtain their feedback or follow up questions for the client.  In-depth discussions are held with each candidate to clarify the individual’s background, credentials, and performance history. Each candidate is carefully evaluated against the position needs and performance objectives, exploring, in depth, all aspects of the candidate’s background and personality.

Weeks 5-10 | Client Interviews

For the few best candidates, we provide a written assessment aligned with the performance objectives prior to their interview, along with the resume.  We verbally discuss all of this information with you to best prepare you for the interview(s).  After each interview, we review your evaluation and assess if there is a need for alterations to the ideal talent profile.

Weeks 10-12 | Final Stage Interviews

Once a candidate has been selected, we facilitate negotiations of compensation and needs, recommending any changes to an offer that will speed acceptance by the candidate and assist in the candidate’s resignation process and help avoid any counteroffer situations.

Additional Solutions

Utilizing Predictive Index
For ALL Of Your Hires

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• Identify all of your high-potential leaders.

• Measure both cognitive reasoning and motivational needs.

• Understand the candidate’s workplace behaviors.

• Ensure alignment with the needs of the position. 

• Place the right people in the right seat.

Structured Interview

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• Customized guidance on behavioral-based interview questions for each candidate.

• Interview consistently and objectivity when evaluating candidate responses.

• Choose from a list of questions but also have guidance around the process from those who have interviewed hundreds, if not thousands of candidates before you.  

Onboarding Services

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• Enable new executives to fully integrate into your culture, organization and brand.

• Gain scientific insight into how your new executive communicates, delegates, problem solves, makes decisions, responds to pressure, adapts to change, takes action and ownership, listens and influences, and views risks.

•  Integrate new executives through developing self-awareness and a thorough understanding of what drives their day to day management behaviors.