Why is Diagnosis Important?

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Why is Diagnosis Important?

Before we partner with them, prospective clients often wonder: What does it look like to work with Talent Suite?

At its most basic level, the Talent Suite model has two major pillars. First, we diagnose what you really need, and then we can begin designing solutions that lead to results.

But let’s drill down a bit more on what diagnosing looks like.


Why is diagnosis so important? 

Sometimes, you’ll find talent strategists, leadership development firms or performance coaches who pretend that a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits all approach makes sense for your business. Maybe they claim that their “tried and true method” or a “proven track record” will get the best results no matter what your company looks like. 

At Talent Suite, we take a different approach. 

To us, the most important thing is to ensure that the solutions we develop are tailored to exactly what you need, not just what we’ve already done before. And we’re aware of your timeline too — we don’t just give you an off-the-shelf solution, your immediate priorities are our immediate priorities. 

Every company is different, whether you sell products or services, have 1,000 employees or 50, and everything in between. And for every one of those differences, a different plan is required. 

That’s why we use data, brain science and our own battle-tested industry experience to diagnose your people issues and help you align, engage, develop and retain talent by bringing objectivity to a subjective process.


What you really need 

It’s impossible to be proactive and take swift action without enough information, so our diagnosis process helps establish what your company needs most. 

We have found that the two most common reasons companies fail to optimize talent are due to poor leadership and/or having talent in the wrong seats. To work toward understanding how you can fix these two issues, we gather a holistic view of your entire team, from the C-suite down, which will help give you a broader picture of exactly how well your workforce is working and whether they’re optimized. 

This process will help build agility by allowing us to design a talent strategy that puts the right people back into the right seats to execute your particular business strategy. 


We meet you where you are 

The Predictive Index is just one of many tools in our belt. This quick assessment provides invaluable insights. It’s better than a roadmap — it’s more like GPS for talent optimization, and it’s part of our diagnosis. 

Once we know more about your company and have established the root cause of your challenges, we can begin to solve them. 

And if the Predictive Index isn’t what’s best for you, we know we offer a solution that will be. We can also help optimize team performance, create a leadership development plan that’s right for you, help retain and develop talent, or design and craft an interview process that best suits the needs of your business.

Talent Suite has a consultative, customized, and measurable approach to optimizing talent that will result in maximized employee engagement and performance. Focused training will integrate and elevate your existing talent and strengthen leadership. 

Are you interested in learning more about what it looks like to partner with us? Contact us today. We would love to hear from you!