About Us

We Believe Anything is Possible When Business Strategy Meets People Strategy

We are an integrated Talent Strategy firm that collaborates with executives to reach your goals and results by leveraging your highest value assets – your people. We help companies achieve measurable results in 3 ways:

  1. Getting Right People in the Right Seats
  2. Designing Optimal Teams
  3. Developing Leaders


We achieve measurable results through elevating team performance, applying behavioral analytics, talent strategy and leadership development.


Born out of frustration and the need for a better way of solving people problems, we created Talent Suite with a mission to help organizations build stronger, more productive workplaces. We recognized an opportunity in our space to take leadership development out of the “classroom” and into the board room- we are mindful that time is an executive’s most valued currency. Whether getting the right people in the right seats, reducing operational friction while improving honest, direct communication or identifying and coaching-up your high potentials, we focus on the people part of your business strategy.


Using data, brain science and lots of experience we can diagnose your people issues and help you align, engage, develop, and retain talent by bringing objectivity to a subjective process.


Research shows that consistent application of those concepts breeds change which we ensure by combining our data and methods with facilitation, coaching and battlefield experience.

We believe in Talent Optimization, a discipline that provides business leaders with a framework and tools to design culture, role and teams that maximize business results. Talent Suite achieves increased results through maximizing team performance, applying behavioral analytics, getting the right people in the right seats and developing and coaching leaders.


We use a predictive analytical instrument called The Predictive Index   to provide a foundational layer of data that improves self-awareness by showing how a person is naturally wired, in which conditions they will be most productive and how they can relate to and impact others.


Our “learn-use-repeat” approach to implementation ensures your team retains the information at a higher rate- it’s simple, scalable and sustainable. We transfer knowledge to our clients in a short and actionable format and then sit on their bench to troubleshoot when needed.

The head, the heart and the briefcase.

It’s important to remember that the whole person shows up at work.

People are complex. It’s important to remember that the whole person shows up at work. The head, the heart and the briefcase.

When you think about evaluating someone to determine where they will be most effective in an organization, leaders and hiring managers are very quick to look at the knowledge, skills and experience someone brings to the job. This model represents that as the briefcase. We typically look at someone’s resume to find out about these things, and we dig a bit further in an in-person interview. The briefcase changes over time based upon what skills and experience a person gains.


The heart represents things like values and interests that someone has. What are they passionate about? Will they be a good fit for our company culture? The heart is fluid because it is impacted by things that change over the course of a person’s life and career. Organizations may or may not spend time understanding the heart in interviews or throughout their career.


The head represents a person’s innate drives and cognitive abilities. These things tend to remain stable once someone matures. Your behavioral drives and the rate at which you learn new things stay constant. And this is where The Predictive Index can provide data to help you evaluate these critical aspects of a person.


You can find out about those things using two assessments offered by The Predictive Index. The PI Behavioral Assessment measures behavioral drives, and the PI Cognitive Assessment measures cognitive ability. The combination of the two provides valuable data and insight that can help to predict someone’s behavior. When used together, these two assessments are powerful indicators of job success – in fact, research shows that the combination of the two increases predictability of success in role by more than 60%.

“Using data, brain science and our own battle-tested industry experience, we can diagnose your people issues and help you align, engage, develop and retain talent by bringing objectivity to a subjective process.”

Out of the Classroom Into the Boardroom