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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Mike Fields

President ViaTech

Kristen Szustakowski

VP Customer & Employee Experience AfterShokz

Vincent Hsieh

CFO Geoforce

Michael Flores

COO Window Expo and Bath Expo

Gillea Allison

President D Magazine Partners

See What People Are Saying

“The content of PI is considerably more robust than any other curriculum I have been exposed to in this space. This is the real deal and has made a tremendous impact on our business. Talent Suite did an incredible job of facilitating. Thy bring their real-world leadership and entrepreneurial experience to supplement the training. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

– VP Sales, D100 Fastest Growing Company

“After completing the first day of the PI Training, I already see better communication and awareness of how to modify interactions to get results between members of our leadership team. The Talent Suite team has an amazing way of helping companies apply these analytics to their business. I already know I want to have all of our leadership equipped with this simple data solution based on the results we have seen.”

– CFO/COO of a Rapidly Growing Tech Enabled Business Services Company

“Talent Suite is a true Trusted Advisor who understands what you are driving towards as an executive team and how to apply their analytics to get measurable results. After implementing the PI tools, we have more clarity and better communication between our people and greater success in their roles. PI has helped us put more rigor and process evaluating candidates and expand the talent pool we are considering. We have received so much value from training our executive team with PI, we had Talent Suite come back and train all of our employees to improve team interaction and productivity.”

– CEO of a Commercial Construction Company

“Before engaging Talent Suite and implementing Predictive Index (PI), we were having lots of misfires in hiring and alignment of talent at all levels across the organization. We were experiencing almost 50% turnover. As a result, we were actively seeking a way to better understand what motivates people and align that information with the roles we were bringing them into. A year into working with Talent Suite and implementing PI in our company, we have reduced our turnover by 50%. I credit this to having clarity around the roles we are hiring and how the person needs to be motivated to succeed in that role.


Additionally, having data once the person is hired into our organization allows us to onboard them properly and integrate them with their manager. We are continuing the process of integrating PI in our culture based on the amazing results we have experienced. As a CFO, I truly appreciate the huge cost savings we have achieved based on our investment with Talent Suite and this highly effective instrument.”

– CFO of a Rapidly Scaling Hospitality Company

“We are building a company where the alignment of the person to the role is critical. We evaluated many options in the marketplace, but none were as robust or comprehensive as PI. Talent Suite helped us to get clarity around how to define roles because our company is disrupting a space and creating roles that previously did not exist. With PI, we set objective benchmarks for roles and adjust those benchmarks as we grow the business and change the demands of the roles – so it is great how PI can be customized to grow with our company. I won’t ever interview someone without having seen their PI first- it is simple to read and amazingly accurate. PI has also created a lot of efficiencies in our recruiting because we are constantly hiring and our recruiting team focuses first on the candidates that are most closely aligned to the benchmarks we set.”

– COO of a Disruptive Real Estate Company

“Our leadership team has received tremendous value from how Talent Suite combines leadership training with data through the Predictive Index software to provide clarity on how we can be most productive together. Instead of focusing on theories and models, they shared information in an actionable format giving us tangible takeaways and strategies that we could deploy immediately.

Their facilitation has given me insight on how to modify my leadership style based on other people’s needs so that ultimately, we can be more productive. Talent Suite has continued to provide ideas and suggestions on how we can continue to make the takeaways actionable and meet to discuss progress which has resulted in us being a more effective and connected leadership team.”

–  Managing Partner of a National Financial Services Firm

The head, the heart and the briefcase.

It’s important to remember that the whole person shows up at work.

[modal_popup_box btnalign=”center” border=”0px solid #444444″ titletext=”The head, the heart and the briefcase.” btntext=”More Info” btnclr=”#444444″ btnbg=”#ffffff”]People are complex. It’s important to remember that the whole person shows up at work. The head, the heart and the briefcase.

When you think about evaluating someone to determine where they will be most effective in an organization, leaders and hiring managers are very quick to look at the knowledge, skills and experience someone brings to the job. This model represents that as the briefcase. We typically look at someone’s resume to find out about these things, and we dig a bit further in an in-person interview. The briefcase changes over time based upon what skills and experience a person gains.


The heart represents things like values and interests that someone has. What are they passionate about? Will they be a good fit for our company culture? The heart is fluid because it is impacted by things that change over the course of a person’s life and career. Organizations may or may not spend time understanding the heart in interviews or throughout their career.


The head represents a person’s innate drives and cognitive abilities. These things tend to remain stable once someone matures. Your behavioral drives and the rate at which you learn new things stay constant. And this is where The Predictive Index can provide data to help you evaluate these critical aspects of a person.


You can find out about those things using two assessments offered by The Predictive Index. The PI Behavioral Assessment measures behavioral drives, and the PI Cognitive Assessment measures cognitive ability. The combination of the two provides valuable data and insight that can help to predict someone’s behavior. When used together, these two assessments are powerful indicators of job success – in fact, research shows that the combination of the two increases predictability of success in role by more than 60%.[/modal_popup_box]

“Our clients benefit from our “learn-use-repeat” approach to implementation, which ensures the team retains the information at a higher rate- it’s simple, scalable and sustainable. We transfer knowledge to our clients in a short and actionable format and then sit on their bench to troubleshoot when needed.”