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We empower executives to drive performance in their business through people.


We do this through proven retained search methodologies, validated tools and data driven consulting and training.

Simple. Scalable. Sustainable.

Getting the Most Out of Your Team’s Talent

At Talent Suite we DIAGNOSE talent related pain points that keep organizations from achieving their HIGHEST POTENTIAL and DESIGN SOLUTIONS to impact RESULTS. By analyzing that “messy middle” between business strategy and results, we can unlock team potential. We marry data with proven methodologies to provide leaders clarity on how to work with their employees in creating high performing teams.  We align people strategy with business strategy through a discipline we call Talent Optimization.

We have found the two most common reasons companies fail to optimize talent are:


We Are Experts In:

“Using data, brain science and our own battle-tested industry experience, we can diagnose your people issues and help you align, engage, develop and retain talent by bringing objectivity to a subjective process.”

Talent Optimization