Empowering Your Middle Managers by Embracing Behavioral Analytics

Empowering Your Middle Managers by Embracing Behavioral Analytics

At Talent Suite, we talk a lot about the importance of behavioral analytics, a powerful tool for any organization that can improve your culture, hiring, productivity and much more. 


Our preferred behavioral analytic is the Predictive Index, a system that uses science-based methodology to measure a person’s motivating drives and needs in the workplace. The use of the Predictive Index across an entire organization can help you understand the root causes of issues and lay the foundation for optimization and improvements in a number of areas. 

Many organizations have successfully implemented behavioral analytics to improve their hiring processes. But they often don’t invest in scaling those insights to their entire organization and put repeatable, objective processes in place. 


How does that process begin? The answer is to empower your middle managers. 


We’ve spoken before about how these managers are being left behind. In fact, in the 2023 Middle Manager Report, the Predictive Index found that 79% of middle managers say they’re at risk of burnout from the stress of managing people, while 58% of executives are very confident middle managers’ concerns are heard when they approach them about important issues. 

That disconnect is very real for many companies, and if it exists while implementing the Predictive Index or another behavioral analytics tool, it can be a recipe for failure. 


The companies that see the biggest benefit from behavioral analytics, however, are the ones that put the information in the hands of their middle managers and teach them how to pull actionable insights from the data. 

We’ve seen tremendous success with our clients when we help them put Predictive Index data in the hands of their middle managers, empowering them to apply it in their everyday interactions with their direct reports. This is part of our approach to teaching clients about how to use the data rather than just telling them what it suggests. It’s much more impactful and sustainable to teach them to do it for themselves. 

By including management in your learning, analysis and application of behavioral analytics, you create buy-in and begin to integrate what you’ve learned into the daily operations of the company. Through this process, leaders at all levels — and even their direct reports — can see these insights being put into place and have tangible experiences with the information they’ve learned. 


We’re big believers in the power of the Predictive Index, and we’ve created a program specifically designed to get middle managers on board and up to speed with leveraging the data to manage performance in their people. These leaders are able to pull behavioral data before a sit-down with an employee or even an annual review session with a report so they have the skills to continue to use the power of this data at their convenience. 

Whether you’re completely new to behavioral analytics or you’ve tried it before without success, let Talent Suite get your team back on track, starting with a complimentary behavioral assessment today.