Post Covid We’re Left with a New Epidemic: Corporate Burnout

Post Covid We’re Left with a New Epidemic: Corporate Burnout

This past summer, as kids squealed with delight that school was out, and working parents everywhere devised plans to keep their kids busy and their bosses happy, Deloitte and independent research firm Workplace Intelligence dropped a bombshell study on Corporate America. The conclusion? America’s workers are burned out—particularly the people in charge.

The two organizations surveyed 2,100 people in four countries and learned that a whopping 70% of the C-suite are seriously considering quitting for a job that better supports their well-being.

Here are some more findings from the study:

  • 76 percent of bosses believe the pandemic negatively affected their overall health.
  • 81 percent said improving their equilibrium is more important than advancing their career.
  • 4 out of 5 executives are willing to sacrifice advancement to gain more well-being.
  • 74 percent of bosses say they “face challenges” to their well-being goals, and most of those challenges are related to their current position.

While acknowledging their own burnout, executives in the study said they are focused on making changes for their employees too, including banning after-hours email (20 percent), making breaks mandatory (35 percent), or sending notes encouraging employees to take time off (35 percent).

Our work with leaders of companies shows us that those who focus on employee well-being and harmony are much more productive and have less employee attrition. Our behavior analytic of choice, Predictive Index (PI), can help identify those employees and managers who may be struggling in their current role. PI can help you diagnose people problems and suggest ways to reallocate resources within your organization. A holistic view of your entire team, starting with the C-Suite down, will help give you a broader picture of just how well your workforce is doing.

In this shaky economic climate, as leaders and employees alike are adjusting to post-pandemic norms, you can’t afford to wait to check in on your people. If you need to craft strategies on how to improve well-being for your employees, reach out to our Talent Suite team today.