Hiring not happening? It’s time to re-assess your talent pool

Hiring not happening? It’s time to re-assess your talent pool

At Talent Suite, we believe you can achieve your business goals if you have the right people in the right seats. This is even more important during times of growth in your company, especially if you can’t hire new people to help you do it! Or maybe you’ve been looking for new talent and coming up empty? The just-released 2023 Indeed Glassdoor Hiring and Workplace Trends Report lists tight labor markets as their #1 trend in the year ahead.

Many of our clients are surprised when we recommend that they re-assess their current talent pool, instead of looking externally for additional help. We’ve consistently seen that sometimes just a few small tweaks or team re-assignments can make a big difference in productivity, and even increase employee happiness.

Start your own re-assessment by asking yourself these three questions:

  • Am I over- or under-utilizing any of my talent?

Most companies have a few A players who continually get assigned new projects. It sounds rewarding, until these high achievers start to feel burned out. Conversely, you may have team members who are under-utilized and looking for new challenges.

By assessing your entire team of talent using a behavior analytic like Predictive Index, you can see the full picture of where every team member can shine and do their very best work. Bonus: you lower your risk of losing those A players who feel overworked!

  • Do I have employees who may be more effective on different teams?

We are all different in terms of how we do our very best work. By assessing what type of work best suits your employees, and how they show up on a team, you can strategically place them on the right teams and with the right mix of people to balance out strengths and weaknesses.

  • Am I individualizing my leadership style for different employees?

We are all wired and motivated differently, so it makes sense that a one-size-fits-all leadership approach is no longer de rigeur in the workplace! With behavioral analytics data to support you, you can customize how you communicate with each employee based on how they are best wired to receive feedback and be motivated.

The workforce is aging, the economy is rapidly changing, and many companies are still dealing with the reset from the Covid-19 years. All three factors are outside of your control, but what is within your control is what you do with the talent sitting right in front of you. If you learn to really see your talent and understand them, that will be your best bet to achieving business goals in the year ahead.

Our Talent Suite team can help you build an effective talent strategy. Reach out to us today.