Leadership Development

Unlocking the Whole Leader to Drive Optimized Performance

Are you tired of leadership programs that tie to theories versus outcomes or attending programs only to forget what you learned two weeks later?

We were too, so we created a leadership program where the experience is more boardroom and less classroom.


We execute a more contemporary approach versus traditional intellectualized models or outdated consulting by utilizing your internal DNA and culture.


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
-Robert Collier


Our “learn-use-repeat” approach to implementation ensures your team retains the information at a higher rate- it’s simple, scalable and sustainable. We transfer knowledge to our clients in a short and actionable format and then sit on their bench to troubleshoot when needed.


As we think about development, we address the whole person – head, heart and briefcase, which results in a more well-rounded type of leader.

Our three prong approach to leadership development is based on a continuum of constant growth in these areas:


Foundation of the Conscious ‘Whole’ Leader:

  • Expanding awareness and understanding of self and others, closing the ‘perception gap’
  • Create a consistent reflective practice of growth mindset, increasing your communication skills tool belt, and strong relationship building competencies
  • The ability to influence to achieve goals and vision

Effective & Efficient Leadership:

  • Brings together diversity and helps to find common purpose and work towards to achieve common goals.
  • Inspires and empowers people to realize their fullest potential
  • Produce measurable results within their organization, improved financial performance, reduced employee turnover, new product ideas, expansion, increased market share, or other measurable outcomes that are important to the organization

Innovative & Creative Leadership:

  • Employs a strategic mindset by asking ‘What could be’ rather than ‘What is’, allows you to ask “what if?”
  • Champions collaborative and cooperative idea generation, planning, decision making, and implementation, which results in the greatest successes. Embracing the belief that “none of us is as good as all of us.”
  • Fosters diversity in team and builds a shared purpose, which drives toward achieving purposeful, common goals.

“We don’t offer a “one size fits all” solution – that’s impossible when we are in the people business and all people are different Each individual and team have their own challenges, opportunities, personalities and work styles.”

Whole Person

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