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What Is the Predictive Index?

One Quick Assessment. Invaluable Insights.

The PI Behavioral Assessment uses science-based methodology to measure a person’s motivating drives and needs in the workplace.


Gone are the days of one-day training where people temporarily change their behaviors. NOW is the time to invest in short, more frequent and consistent methods of developing your leaders so that change can be sustainable and actionable.


As a Predictive Index Certified Partner, we will help you become experts in putting the right people in the right seat and work with you to build high-performing teams that share your cultural beliefs and values. We partner with you and transfer knowledge to you so that eventually your journey continues forward with sustaining change and without expensive consultants.


For more than 60 years, thousands of businesses around the globe have used this certified behavioral assessment to understand how their employees and candidates are wired. PI lets you see beneath the surface so that you can predict situational behavior and manage the hire-to-retire lifecycle.

Behavioral Assessment

The PI Behavioral Assessment objectifies workplace behaviors so you can predict the drives and motivations of others.

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Cognitive Assessment

The PI Cognitive Assessment is a cognitive ability assessment that measures an individual’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace.

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Job Assessment

The PI Job Assessment helps you identify the behaviors and motivators that are critical to on-the-job success so you can attract and hire the best fitting candidates and manage them to greatness.

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PI – Your Leadership Superpower

Using data from the Predictive Index and a thoughtful dialogue with our clients, we get to the root cause of the the challenges they are facing today. We meet them where they are – current state – to help solve their most pressing people challenges, which lays the foundation for further optimization and improvements across the business.

Finding Talent

Broken Hiring Practices

Right People Right Seats

Retaining Performers

Developing Leaders

Mergers & Acquisitions

Succession Planning

Change Management

Conflict Resolution

Team Dysfunction & Performance Improvement

We are workplace behavior experts who facilitate management workshops and development sessions to ensure the PI methodology is fully integrated across your organization.

The head, the heart and the briefcase.

It’s important to remember that the whole person shows up at work.

[modal_popup_box btnalign=”center” border=”0px solid #444444″ titletext=”The head, the heart and the briefcase.” btntext=”More Info” btnclr=”#444444″ btnbg=”#ffffff”]People are complex. It’s important to remember that the whole person shows up at work. The head, the heart and the briefcase.

When you think about evaluating someone to determine where they will be most effective in an organization, leaders and hiring managers are very quick to look at the knowledge, skills and experience someone brings to the job. This model represents that as the briefcase. We typically look at someone’s resume to find out about these things, and we dig a bit further in an in-person interview. The briefcase changes over time based upon what skills and experience a person gains.


The heart represents things like values and interests that someone has. What are they passionate about? Will they be a good fit for our company culture? The heart is fluid because it is impacted by things that change over the course of a person’s life and career. Organizations may or may not spend time understanding the heart in interviews or throughout their career.


The head represents a person’s innate drives and cognitive abilities. These things tend to remain stable once someone matures. Your behavioral drives and the rate at which you learn new things stay constant. And this is where The Predictive Index can provide data to help you evaluate these critical aspects of a person.


You can find out about those things using two assessments offered by The Predictive Index. The PI Behavioral Assessment measures behavioral drives, and the PI Cognitive Assessment measures cognitive ability. The combination of the two provides valuable data and insight that can help to predict someone’s behavior. When used together, these two assessments are powerful indicators of job success – in fact, research shows that the combination of the two increases predictability of success in role by more than 60%.[/modal_popup_box]

“As a Predictive Index Certified Partner, we will help you put the right people in the right seat and work with you to build high-performing teams that share your cultural beliefs and values.”

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